Monday, April 25, 2011

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If you have questions about Hyper-V or other topics around software fundamentals in general you can post a comment here and in due time I'll answer it.

What's up with "/", "\", ";", "," ?

Since this blog is dedicated to all things fundamental I thought I put out a quick post on usability.   Over the  years of computing there have been many common meme's to come about such as using "CRTL-C" (or Apple Key-C on Mac) for copy, holding the power key for 8+ seconds to do a hard power off, and much more.  These meme's work across all platforms and really make computing accessible.  This is great.

Why is it then that email clients like Outlook don't accept both ";" or "," to separate names?  To Gmail's credit while it prefers "," it accepts ";" without issue.  It seems like such a simple usability improvement for Outlook and Windows Phone 7.  If anyone knows the history behind the choice of ";" vs. "," and why or why not to accept both I'd love to hear it.

As for "/" and "\" for directory naming we could go on for ages on this topic.  Fortunately most users never have to worry about this now because directory access is abstracted via GUI's.

This post was really intended to just help you think about the little things... they really matter!