Sunday, February 13, 2011


Welcome to my new blogs where I'll be exploring a range of topics from performance to security of real systems along with the occasional topics like software testing and computer science in general.  My previous blog was dedicated to Microsoft technologies however this blog will have wider coverage.  If there are questions you would like me to answer just send a message and I'll get to them as time allows.


  1. Hi Anthony,

    Good luck with your new endeavors.

    I recently installed Windows 2008 Server Core R2, then enabled the Hyper-V role. I am able to create VMs and have installed Linux in one.

    However, when I launch perfmon.exe on my Windows 7 client and connect to the Windows 2008 Server, none of the Hyper-V Hypervisor counters appear in the list. Is there a step I might have missed during installation/configuration to enable the Hyper-V counters?


  2. Adrian,

    Sorry I missed this comment. The issue you are reporting is due to the fact only the host knows about the VM performance counters. No counters are exposed to the guest. You can with the right networking config have the guest access the hosts WMI interface to retrieve the counters.